Allergies often manifest themselves via eye problems.  Knowing what you are allergic to can help the Ophthalmologist diagnose your eye problems and select the best treatment options based on your specific allergens.

Allergy Testing

EYES has partnered with Doctors RX to bring region-specific allergy testing to The Villages.  We test for a panel of 65 allergens all specific to the State of Florida.  Allergens tested for include many types of grass present on Florida Golf Courses, flowers that grow in this area, and dust allergies common in the air above Central Florida.  The testing applicator is placed on the skin, usually on the forearm, and takes about 10 minutes to complete.  While there might be slight skin irritation, the test itself is much less invasive than comparable blood tests and almost pain-free, even for those with sensitive skin.  For more information about the test itself, click here.



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