Contact Lenses

Our office is proud to present a full line of spherical, astigmatic and multifocal contact lenses.  We obtain all of our lenses from the highest quality manufacturers.   For patients over the age of 40, multifocal lenses are an excellent alternative to progressive eyeglasses. They allow for unparalleled quality of vision both at distance and near.  In fact, multifocal contact lenses are superior to lasik refractive surgical procedures for the correction of reading in the presbyopic population.  We carry a variety of diagnostic lenses to help determine what works best for you.  Once our licensed opticians work with you to determine this, we can order the perfect pair for your eyes.


Soft daily wear, 2 week disposable and extended wear lenses are available at all of our offices.  


Because we are physicians, we take measurements of all new patients and require them to undergo an initial fitting.  We also offer training on insertion and removal if needed.