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The latest Cataract Refractive Diagnostic tool is now being utilized by EYES as yet another option for patients who want the best outcomes possible.  Every human eye is different and unique.  After a cataract is removed, an artificial lens is put in your eye.  This requires a series of different measurements, of you face, eye, and vision, to ensure the best individual fit.  The ORA system has revolutionized how we take these measurements and the accuracy of said measurements.  It also maintains an anonymous database of every measurement and calculation ever taken, anywhere, by this system.  By aggregating measurements and totals, the system is continually refined and improved.  Good surgical outcomes are possible with traditional measurement methods.  This incredible new system increases the likelihood of the best possible outcome.*  Make an appointment today with our Doctors and staff to see if the ORA system is right for your cataract surgery.  For more information, please go to their website here.

*There is always a risk with any surgery and no outcome is guaranteed*

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